Gecko Tiptoes Pendant

An organic shape which transforms into a million possibilities. What do you see when you stare into these shapes?

A childhood well spent with jacks on the playground? 

The gentle movement of coral or seaweed under the cool blue ocean?

Strands of DNA weaving through our existence? 

The pitter patter of tiny gecko tiptoes running up a wall?

Maybe even the individual corners of snowflakes, or pieces of Christmas holly.

A statement piece and a Cicely Cliff trademark, the Gecko Tiptoes collection is truly unique. Expect comments every time you wear this extravagant necklace and transform any outfit into a red carpet do with a simple piece of jewellery.

Crafted from 100% recycled silver, this is a piece honouring and celebrating nature in all its forms. Presented in a stunning handmade wood box, designed to protect and display your necklace forever. Something to be cherished for generations to come.

Please note: This can be purchased as part of a set. 

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