Sustainability With A Twist

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Did you know that over your lifetime, you’ll throw away enough silver to make a bracelet and enough gold for a wedding ring?

Yep. Here’s a random fact:


You’re walking on it, talking on it, watching it and listening to it. Phones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras – all electronics – contain silver. Every device with a chip has tiny precious metal solders and wiring made from silver, gold and copper. That’s not counting silver found in medical equipment, vehicles, and solar power.

Here’s another random fact:

The average person uses 28 phones in a lifetime (not including other electronics). They mostly get thrown in the bin, creating what is commonly known as e-waste.

We believe in using what we have, so Rose gets our silver from a refinery who re-purposes these electronics and melts them down into pure precious metals. The silver she buys comes in granules, like tiny pebbles, and 99.8% pure – way higher quality than mined silver.

This means our jewellery is actually made out of phones, tablets and all things electronic.

Cool huh? We think so.


Our Materials

As mentioned above, our silver comes from phones and tablets – super cool!

Our founder, Rose, cuts and polished our opals herself – and actually helped to mine most of them in Western Queensland, Australia. You can’t get much more ‘straight from source’ than that!

While there are currently no certified Fairtrade coloured gemstones, we source our stones from supplied who work on fairly traded principles and who do all they can to ensure their stones are from ethical sources.


As it stands it is currently very difficult to source Fairtrade or recycled chains. For now these are not sourced from a sustainable source, but we will introduce them as soon as they become available!


Ethos/ Values

We at Cicely Cliff believe that jewellery should not be a factor in harming the planet or humans.

Our jewellery is made consciously, from sourcing materials all the way to packaging – every step is ensured to have minimal environmental impact.

We love our planet and our people and aspire to make every step beneficial to all.

No corners cut, no secrecy, just pure quality and transparency from start to finish, and that’s a promise.



Rose works with our amazing team of local artisans in Bali, Indonesia. We create every piece uniquely using low impact solutions and techniques. All scraps are recycled or upcycled, from materials to packaging.

All of our products are designed to last a lifetime – not just your jewellery but the boxes too! We want the whole package to bring you pleasure for generations to come.



Business cards and care cards are made from recycled materials.

Our Cicely Cliff boxes are made from reclaimed wood scraps left over from building and furniture warehouses.

We designed the boxes and boards within in order to minimise packaging while maximising usage. The black boards which hold your jewellery in place can also be used for display purposes, and if you chose to keep your jewellery elsewhere the box is a wonderful place to keep things!

Please note: due to the fact that our boxes are made from reclaimed wood scraps, they are all different so may not be the colours seen on our website.


Our Goal

Sustainability is of the upmost importance to us, and we consider every angle possible.

Our goal is to be able to say that every single piece of our work is sustainably sourced. We constantly strive to find new resources and adapt our working methods. We are trying to find a responsible eco friendly postal service... But that might take a little longer : )

We try to raise awareness and help to increase the demand for ethically sourced and recycled materials. We are proud to be Fairtrade Gold Ambassadors and working towards making more impact in the world with our choices, and helping others do the same.

One day, we hope that people will no longer have to ask ‘Who Made My Jewellery’. We look forward to the day when an ethical business becomes an assumption, not an answer.


Proud to support Kalaweit

Kalaweit rainforest borneo gibbon

We are super excited to support Kalaweit, an inspirational project which is very close to our heart. In fact, founder Rose grew up not so far from the project geographically!

These wonderful people have been fighting the horrors of deforestation within Kalimantan for over twenty years!

They rescue creatures (especially gibbons, but whatever they can rescue, IS rescued, which is why we love them) that have been affected.

They then rehabilitate them at their facilities and release them into sections of forest bought up to create a natural reserve and safe haven.

The Kalaweit team also educate local communities and help change mentalities to create a more sustainable lifestyle for all creatures involved. We love them because they are making a difference, and for nothing other than the love of the creatures and environment which surrounds them.

You can find out more about this wonderful organisation at