How Did It Begin?

Cicely Cliff's story began in nature. It started in the steamy depths of a rainforest, nurtured by lush foliage, shaped by the cries of wildlife through the trees and grew from a deep love of the environment. 


Rose has been travelling the world since she was 10 months old. No, really. Her parents moved across the world from England to Indonesia. Not just any part of Indonesia either, but deep in the depths of Borneo, a week of travel from ‘civilisation’. 


Growing up on a research station fighting deforestation, her childhood was filled with all sorts of wonders.




The call of gibbons would wake them early in the morning while florescent birds swooped through camp. Wild deer and boar would rustle through undergrowth heavily scented by ripening fruit trees and covered in vibrant butterflies. It was idyllic, like living in both Jungle Book and the Secret Garden all at once!


Rose's (albeit slightly abnormal...) upbringing in steamy depths of Borneo gave her a deep love of the environment, and, unsurprisingly, of adventure. 


In her adult years, Rose was given the opportunity to live somewhere just as remote as her childhood jungle camp... And became an opal miner.


1100km from the coast in Western Queensland, Rose immersed herself in the magical world of opals, and was hooked.


Days of hot swirling red dust, chapped hands and torn fingernails melted into dazzling celestial displays of comets and stars in the freezing nights, while underground tunnels curved and dipped as they sought The Opal Goddess’ lair.


Now based between the UK and Bali, Rose designs highly customised pieces of jewellery for those who value beauty and exclusivity.


We at Cicely Cliff love beautiful jewellery, but believe that we should not have to choose between wearing the right thing and doing the right thing.  Our jewellery is inspired by nature without taking unnecessarily from it - we believe that we, and our Planet, are worth it.


Inspired by a feeling, a memory, a wish or an occasion, each moment is forged into something tangible, to be worn for a lifetime and treasured for generations. 
Forged by hand from the highest quality materials, with the help of a royal artisan, Cicely Cliff products have minimal environmental impact, giving each piece a story to be proud of.
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