Curlicue Opal Ammonite Bracelet

A secret history of the world resides in this bracelet. With million year old opals running alongside a cast of million year old ammonites, there are some stories to tell from this delicate bracelet.

Crafted entirely from opals dug, cut and polished by founder of Cicely Cliff, Rose, we know that they were ethically sourced. Similarly, the silver used is 100% recycled - we get our silver from a refinery which melts down parts of phones, mp3 players, televisions, cameras and computer - so our silver is sustainable!

Wear something a little different and honour nature by displaying it... Without taking from it :)

Presented in a beautiful handcrafted wood box, designed to protect your bracelet forever, this is something to be proud of... And to be cherished for generations!

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